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The Universal energy of 2015 is the energy of the number 8, the number of infinity and balance of the material and spiritual worlds. This is a number of opportunity and success, largely related to the effort and determination that was put into its creation. It will be a magical year of manifestation. Let’s work with this energy to create a Divine Relationship in 2015, whether it is a relationship of the heart or a business relationship!

Bring your hopes, dreams and your heart’s desires to our Meditation which will include a Sound Reiki® Alignment to your Divine Relationship that will continue to strengthen throughout the entire year.

Heather Hannan, Sound Reiki® Master Teacher, Soul Singer and Meditation Coach willBlue Top Cropped be facilitating this Meditation in Etobicoke, January 20th, 2015, in the creation energy of the New Moon, at 7 pm.

To register or for more information, please call 647-231-6330 or email

Fee: $15     Location:  Etobicoke, ON

7-8:30 pm

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