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Untitled-1 copyWe were recently sent a very interesting video. The homeowner had been reviewing security tapes and this is what she recorded.

Link to YouTube video click here

We see that the geometric shapes are Divine Light grids which are holding a frequency that allows Divine Light beings to be in this space. You will see little while elementals flitting about.  In this home are also the Spirits of family and friends that have passed and the Animal Medicine of their totems. The beautiful energies of the Archangels (you see them zooming around as beautiful coloured lights) are there to assist them in their transition to the Light. Archangels Raphael, Chamuel, Gabriel and Michael are the most prominent of the group and bring the message of Love, Healing, Protection and Self-Empowerment.

The Orbs bring the message that all is well and the home owner’s loved ones are with her. They also brought a personal message of healing for the family.

Source asked me to cross over 5 Spirit People that were in the home and ready to transition. They were grateful to continue their Spiritual journey. I saw them cross over to the light and they were welcomed with a celebration of dancing and singing, it was lovely to see.



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