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When it comes to MANIFESTING your heart’s desires, do you wait for opportunity or do you create it?

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What you BELIEVE you can have has a big influence on what choices you make. Often, we don’t realize the greatest influence on our current choices is the PAST.

Is your PRESENT looking a lot like your PAST?  There’s a reason.

It has everything to do with how you FEEL about yourself, how you feel about money and how you feel about relationships. It’s all about how you feel about what you believe is possible for you.

What if you could find out the LIMITING BELIEF you have that is blocking you from manifesting positive changes in your life?

What if you could find out HOW that past experience is influencing the way you act now?

Your SOULCHILD knows and wants to tell you what life skill is being blocked because of a negative memory of the past. Now is the time.

There is a celestial burst of energy we are moving into with this wonderful New Moon on April 15th.  This is opening a gateway and transmitting the positive vibration supporting your initiatives, fresh starts, energy and action.

This opening is giving you the OPPORTUNITY to ALLOW yourself to integrate new plans and CREATE a forward-thinking approach to your life. 

All you have to do is shift your thinking to a beautifully fresh perspective. When that happens, DOORS that were previously closed are now wide open.

Directions that seemed blocked now become clear.

Destiny is fast approaching.

Are you ready to SHIFT your thinking?

The SoulChild Within, my new book, will guide you to your SoulChild ready for healing.

Your SoulChild area is stepping forward for healing and opening the gateway to your true abundant self, NOW!

Good fortune FLOWS through you like a river of abundance and often manifests through a spiritual awakening. A spiritual awakening gives you the power to be strong, spiritual, fearless, and willing to change.

Everything is changing on a fundamental energetic level; get ready to experience profound shifts and totally unexpected changes of direction.

In the GTA area?

Join Heather Hannan and myself at the wonderful Joshua Creek Heritage Art Center on Saturday April 21 from 10 am – 12 pm for SoulChild Magic.

FOR ALL ATTENDING I will identify your AGE and the LIMITING BELIEF blocking you from manifesting the positive changes you are looking for in your life.

Be prepared to receive a SoulChild alignment to manifestation awakened through a powerful Sound Reiki® soul healing group meditation.

Get ready to reach out and create new opportunities – actively explore doors that are opening… trust the process… see you on the 21st!


Catherine Varga


Catherine Varga is a gifted intuitive, a vibrational sound healing expert and inspiring author of The SoulChild Within. Wherever she goes, she sets the tone to the vibration of joy. Catherine is creator of Sound Reiki® Energy Healing, creator of the SoulChild™ Alignment Method and Founder of the Sound Reiki Institute. She is committed to your empowerment and positive life changes.

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