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Heather Hannan is a TransformationAll Life Coach and Intuitive Healer with an international healing practice.  She is an Ascension Master, Sound Reiki Master Teacher, Usui Reiki Master Teacher and co-founder of the Sound Reiki Institute.  She is also a regular consultant to Real Estate Agents with difficult-to-sell properties.

Heather and has developed a Corporate Wellness Program focusing on the practice of meditation. She brings a warmth and understanding in her style that creates an open and positive healing environment and an insightful and creative journey to wholeness for both her students and clients.

Heather believes that everything is energy and that we are all connected; when you heal yourself the benefit of your own healing ripples out to all that is.  She loves to share the power of meditation and help people discover their own source of peace.  Heather resides in Toronto, Canada.

   “Life changing? Absolutely! Loved every minute.” – KC


Heather has been gifted with the ability to identify the key blocks, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, which are preventing you from moving forward in your life.  She offers TransformationAll Coaching to help you follow your passion and live your purpose!

Call now to find out how 647-231-6330 or email

The foundation of the spiritual healing sessions is the unique technology of Sound Reiki, incorporating sound and light healing energy.  Sound Reiki bridges ancient healing philosophies with advanced spiritual healing, and uses vocally created sounds or tones which resonate to the same Divine Light Energy as the Divine Oneness of All That Is, healing blocks, or obstructions, in the human body.

Many blocks are the result of karmic patterns, either in this life or a past life, limiting beliefs anchored in unresolved issues from childhood, misalignment of core beliefs or misalignment of different energy points in the body, Chakras, Meridians, Axiatonal Lines or Energy Grids.  Blocks can manifest in the body as physical or emotional dis-ease and by addressing the issue at its root source we can, with your agreement, remove it permanently.

The results of these releases and healings are a sense of well being, wholeness, peace and clarity.  This clarity allows you the understanding to make life choices and decisions that create and maintain your highest possibly Divine reality.

“Thank you, I just participated your session and it was wonderful. There is something about the sound of “your” voice that is very soothing to me. I really needed that tonight.” – HL


Energy Clearing has traditionally been used to clear negative or stale energy with the intention of attracting abundance, positive energy and creating a calm and protected environment.  Clients request Property Clearings to remove negative energies or spirits from their property and prevent their return, to assist in the sale of their home and to prepare a new home before moving in.

“What an interesting experience. Being a Real Estate Agent I sometimes run into a property that is difficult to sell, no rhyme or reason, but nothing clicks. I heard about Heather from another Agent, and decided to have her investigate what the issue was. Heather cleared and blessed the house and property and it sold in short order. I’m a believer!” – Jay Shearer, Real Estate Agent, Re/Max

“Since the day we moved into our new house my younger son had told me were not alone! He sensed the presence of someone. He often would tell me his items were being rearranged or disappearing, then reappearing days later.  Heather confirmed a spirit, cleared the house of his presence and gave him the opportunity to cross over and join his family.  All the activity stopped.” – SL

Sound Reiki Healing Meditations

Come and experience sharing, meditation and group healing with like-minded people. You will be guided in meditation to let go of stress and tension, and experience an inner stillness and sense of well-being. This meditation will benefit all, whether you are practiced or would like to try something new.

For all Meditation offerings including Meditations now available by Skype please see the Events page.
“Meditation sessions with Heather are extraordinary. A fear I had has been explained and has proven very helpful to me. For three days after another meditation session, I felt so relaxed, it was like being on an extended holiday.” – BH

To register or for information call 647-231-6330 or email:



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