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I was looking at some pictures on Facebook that my cousin in Ireland had posted and was thrilled to see the Angel Orbs surrounding her. Yes, there is snow falling and a street light in the background, but clearly you can see some beautiful Orbs – one of them directly above Mary’s head.

The Archangel Gabriel came in right away for me with a message for all.

“The angels are with you, the Archangels Gabriel, Michael and Chamuel bring the love, peace and protection of the Christ Consciousness to you, now and always.

This is a time of celebration and gratitude for all that you have received. If you are looking for a confirmation that you are much loved and protected then see it here. Your Divine guides are with you always and if you are open to seeing us, we will be revealed. We will be revealed in photographs and video, in the faint whispers that you hear and in the symbolism of those things that attract your attention. You have been blessed with love and protection and we ask you to send it on to others with your thoughts, words and deeds. In this time there is a need for the healing energy of love throughout the world and it begins at home. Fill your heart with love and let it spill over to fill the hearts of those around you.

Love is a gift to both the one who receives and the one who gives. Blessings to you all!”

In Joy


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