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Sound Reiki® Level I & II

The Gift is Within You”

Head 1 464316217 webEdgar Cayce, the Father of Holistic Medicine, said “Sound will be the medicine of the future.”  We invite you to enter into the world of vibrational medicine and discover how your voice can heal. Along with so many others who are training in sound healing, we, at the Sound Reiki Institute, are living proof of the power of the voice. Let us teach you how to access multiple healing dimensions by projecting electro-tonal frequencies, using only your voice.

The Level I & II Certification workshops are intended to help you help yourself. Would you like to transform yourself creating health, happiness, self-awareness and confidence where anything is possible?

Prepare for a fun, interactive and dynamic healing experience with the unique and powerful Sound Reiki Certification Program led by Ascension Masters Catherine Varga and Heather Hannan. Both are accomplished Sound Reiki Master Teachers and Usui Reiki Masters.  Sound Reiki is a unique style of energy healing that uses sound with the voice instead of symbols and uses the body instead of the hands for healing.

Learn various techniques that you can use on yourself to:

  • check your energy levels
  • identify imbalances
  • learn the basics of self-healing using the power of the sound of your voice.

The impact of this type of energy healing is instant and anyone can learn it.  This exciting program will benefit all those with an open mind and heart and who believe in a higher power, a Divine Source, no matter what they call it. If you have Reiki experience, prepare to take it to another level!  If you are just starting, then get ready to take a quantum leap in your understanding of yourself and how to read your body in a new and unique way.

Level One is considered an introduction to the principles of Sound Reiki. In Level Two you will learn the protocols to receive and move electrotonal frequency to align and balance your energy and increase vibrational frequency to 100% Love and Light. You will take your intuition and muscle testing to another level by using it to identify “primaries” among other things.  Throughout the weekend you will discover the power of your own healing voice as it joins with others in group intentions.

Upon completion of the weekend you will receive your Sound Reiki Level Two Attunement, aligning you to a vibrational frequency that activates multi-dimensional tonal healing energy from Divine Source.

Sound Reiki Level One and Two certification is offered in a weekend intensive.

Click here for Sound Reiki® Level I & II Weekend Intensive Dates

A new sense of clarity surrounds everything you look at when limitations are healed.  With your new level of self-awareness, decisions and choices are made in alignment with who you really are and that which keeps you in harmony. When we are in this state we can create our highest possible divine reality – where anything is possible.  The time is now.

Sound Reiki® Certification Weekend Intensive – Levels I & II

Workshop I    Introduction to Sound Reiki – Divine Light Energy

Imagine learning the unique process of aligning yourself to 100% Light energy, moving energy multi-dimensionally, at will….. just with the sound of your voice. Take your healing a quantum leap to sound, and learn about the gift within.

In an informal, comfortable setting, you will learn about Sound Reiki, what it is and how it works. All participants will receive a Sound Reiki Healing alignment to balance their energy. This Alignment will create a sense of vitality, clarity and well-being and align all participants to the vibration of 100% Divine Love and Light. You will learn how to align and balance your energy and the energy of your home and personal space.

Workshop 2    The Art of Muscle Testing

What is muscle testing?  It is also known as Bio-kinesiology, a non-invasive technique that anyone can do and it is highly effective in providing feedback on imbalances in the body  It is a tool used by Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Massage Therapists, as well as Sound Reiki practitioners.  It allows the body to speak to the body in a comprehensive way.   Learn how to use this tool in a fun and interactive workshop and then hone your muscle-testing skills to assist you in your personal healing and determine:

  •  what foods your body absorbs.
  •  which supplements, creams or anything else are best for you.
  •  what blocks are in your body, emotionally, physically or mentally.

Workshop 3   Divine Light Energy Cords

If you believe, as we believe, that we are born of the same Source, no matter what you call it, then we are all divinely connected to each other.  You will learn about the Divine Light energy cords that connect us to our Source, Mother Earth and each other.  Discover the power of these cords and how they help or hinder your movement forward. By the end of the workshop you will be able to identify and remove energy cords.

Workshop 4    Introduction to Chakras and Ascension Chakra Activation

In this energizing session, we will discuss the Chakras, Meridians, Axiatonal Lines and Energy Grids that flow through and surround the body.  With sound healing, we will upgrade all participant’s Chakras, Meridians, Axiatonal Lines and Energy Grids. You will learn to identify Chakras which are out of alignment and how to align and balance your own Chakras.

Cost: $650

               To Register for the Certification Weekend and for more information, please contact us at  or 647-344-3324

 Upon completion the program you will achieve your Sound Reiki® Level I & II  receiving an Attunement to Sound Reiki and a Certificate of Completion

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