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Learn what your energy sensitivity is, and how to identify the type of energy people, places and things project. This hands-on class will teach you to develop your senses to recognize what energy is healthy and what is negative. Learn about energy cords, connecting and disconnecting them and their causes and affects. As part of Sound Reiki mastery, this class will introduce you to ancient healing symbols and how and why they are used. Experiential exercises will allow you to start some basic diagnosis of illness and teach you to look at the root causes of dis-ease. You will learn to identify the energy of Chakras, when they are out of balance and alignment and how to upgrade meridians, axiatonal lines and energy grids through and around the body. You will also receive activation of the 8th Chakra, a new chakra for the ascending human consciousness. Students who are ready, will be Attuned to the Second Degree of Sound Reiki.

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