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Graduation Diploma ID-10045242

A big congratulations to Leanda Michelle in Melbourne, Australia, on achieving her Sound Reiki™ Master Certification. We had the pleasure of first meeting Leanda on a trip to Machu Picchu, Peru.

Leanda is a published author and Reiki Practitioner who was guided to add Sound Reiki™ to her list of accomplishments after experiencing Catherine Varga toning a Sound Reiki™ blessing at the sacred site of Moray in Peru. Leanda is loving every aspect of Sound Reiki™. She is finding the feedback from her clients inspiring and credits Sound Reiki™ with helping her to find her voice.

We are also happy to recognize Deidrey, Indrajit, Lynann and Dilip who graduated on September 8, 2013, with Sound Reiki™ Level One.  Congratulations!

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