Sound Reiki – Level III Master

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself.”  ~ George Bernard Shaw

Expand your ability to channel Sound Reiki healing energy and fine-tune your access to multiple healing dimensions.

The Master’s Program is a wonderful program of learning and sharing as you move to the next level of your development in Sound Reiki®.  In the Master’s Program you will strengthen your ability to work with others while expanding your skills in new areas. During the program we will expand our consciousness together, sharing all our healing gifts and talents in love, light, and laughter.

We will be discussing your multi-dimensionality, how consciousness shifts, and the Divine Guides that support you, the sacredness of the Earth, and our part in the Divine Plan. In this experiential program, we will be hands-on in a review of working on ourselves and continuing to develop the ability to work with others.

Areas of focus for Sound Reiki® Mastery will be:

Muscle Testing

  • Reviewing your effectiveness with your intentions and phrasing
  • Identifying personal blocks and healing primaries for others

Energy Healing

  • Creating your own intentions
  • Aligning and balancing energy and chakras for others using your own tones
  • Energy Cords as mirrors
  • Preparing your healing practice

Spiritual Healing

  • Crossing over spirit people
  • Learning about different dimensional spiritual energies
  • Karma and karmic patterns, past life, and present
  • Blessings and remote healings
  • Energy Portals

…..And More!

Coming in Spring 2021

Prerequisite: Sound Reiki® Level II

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