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Support your transformative path of healing with the resources below that are outlined in the book, The SoulChild Within.

Meditation is an excellent way to intuitively retrieve information on what SoulChild is out of alignment.  The following is a guided meditation to assist you to discover what age or ages are ready for healing.  It is intended to guide you in connecting with your inner knowing, or Higher Self, to reveal the age when a painful experience splintered your full access to your SoulChild.

We are asking your Higher Self, with the SoulChild’s assistance, to reveal and acknowledge which age is blocked and ready to heal a limiting belief.  If you are visual, see yourself at each age from an infant to 19 years old, in a lineup.  When you have the visual then ask who of you is needing and ready for healing, asking them to step forward.  Be patient and be sure to stay out of your thinking mind.

When this happens, do not judge it, go with the child or children you see.   It is possible that more than one child will step forward, make note of all of their ages.

If you are a sensitive person you might start to feel emotions as you may wake up the memory of the incident that happened.  This is also your sign that a SoulChild is stepping forward.

SoulChild Meditation for Identifying a SoulChild Ready for Healing

Ensure that you are in a quiet, private place without distractions. Sit or lie in a relaxed position with your palms gently resting on your lap or beside you and facing upwards.

Close your eyes and take some deep breaths, clearing your mind of all distractions.

Afer the meditation, when you have identified the age(s), take a look at the SoulChild Life Skills chapter in The SoulChild Within book for the age and life skill associated with it.

See if this triggers a feeling or memory of an event that resembles how you are feeling right now in your life.

Is the life skill underdeveloped or overdeveloped, is it in balance?  How is it working against you?




I created the following healing meditation using the powerful sound and Light healing energy of Sound Reiki® to remove the blocking energy of fear and anger.  When you hear them, these tones will activate sound and light codes that align your spiritual SoulChild energy to your mind and body so they can work as One.

When you choose to hold onto fear or anger about how the past affected you, the SoulChild disconnects. Remember, the Light of your SoulChild cannot stay in the same place as the Darkness of your negative thoughts or feelings.  You are the happiest when you are whole and wholeness requires a balanced perspective.

Forgiveness of yourself and others is the first step and your SoulChild exists to help you do that. Before the meditation starts, think about one life skill you would like to improve right now in your life.  Think of the one or two people that trigger anger or hurt in the age of that life skill. It is time to love yourself enough to forgive others for their weaknesses knowing it is over.  You are no longer a child and are free to live life on your own terms.

Yes, you need to forgive those involved, and please remember to forgive yourself for ever believing you were less or for the choices you made. Today, right now, make a commitment to yourself that you will never do that again and you are freeing yourself of guilt or shame.  There is no healing power in guilt.

Approach the meditation with an open, loving, and forgiving heart. Ensure you are free of all distractions and please never drive or operate any equipment while enjoying this meditation.

When starting the meditation, ensure that you are in a quiet, private place. Sit or lie in a relaxed position with your palms gently resting on your lap, or beside you, and facing upwards. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths, clearing your mind of all distractions.

Always follow every SoulChild Sound Reiki® meditation with the Sound Reiki® Grounding Meditation included, they go hand in hand.

When you increase your vibrational frequency as you will in this meditation, you increase your Divine Light energy, clarity, and intuition. It is very important for you to ground your energy so you can integrate this positive, high-voltage spiritual frequency in your physical body.

Take 10 – 20 minutes to just sit and feel the energy and allow yourself to relax and enjoy the process of feeling the lightness of the alignment to a higher frequency and the calmness of the grounding. Have a glass of water and enjoy your day.




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What people are saying

If you have done inner child or soul work in the past don’t be mistaken that this is anything like it. Catherine’s inspired teachings explain each year of a child’s development through to age 19, how it can affect you and then how everything compounds and builds on the effects of that. She guides you through removing those blockages. Very informative. Practical application. Very effective. Tremendously powerful!
Jacqueline C.

This was incredibly helpful. I felt my heart open up and the “tingles all over” when I heard this. Especially with the affirmations.  And of course, this was spot on in terms of the connections you made :)   JD

“Loving the journey through the Soul Child videos!  WOW. Thank you, I’m deeply grateful that I have amazing people like you entering my life now and letting me recognize and heal everything that has been holding me back from being my best Self.“ DT

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