It was so great to connect with many of you on our recent Sound Reiki Institute Facebook Live healing.  Since we never know how clear the transmission is going to be, here is a summary of what we shared.

We talked about how important it is to keep your vibration at a high level and how what we THINK and FEEL dictates whether our vibration is high or low.  With this in mind, here are the four things that I would recommend you consider:

  1. Stay away from the news and find other resources that are medical and fact-based. You lower your vibration when you hear the news.
  2. Manage your thoughts. Thoughts produce feelings and those feelings calibrate your vibrational frequency.  Ask yourself when confronted “what is the most loving way to handle this?”  What would love do?
  3. Stay connected with friends and family. Try to talk to someone every day, stay connected and be creative with gatherings, like having dinner parties over Zoom, Google Hangouts or some other online video service.
  4. Do things that are uplifting and stay away from activities that bring you down. Is there something you have always wanted to study? Take an online course, join online groups, meditate or listen to stand-up comedy.

The most important thing we can all do is be proactive and not reactive.  We have the opportunity to purge old patterns.  What can you do today to feel empowered?  Empowered is being In Power.

This great AWAKENING is challenging what you perceive as real.

Press the RESET on your relationship to Source and yourself with the intention of renewal of the Self.

LISTEN to the quiet voice within, it wants to teach you what you need to know.

Return to Love as your guide and release fear.  Fear has no healing powers. When you are motivated to make decisions from fear your choice will never take you in the right direction.  It will only take you where there is more fear. You can’t be in the space of Love and Fear at the same time.  Fear is loveless.

We are going to get through this and be better for it. Make that your intention and we will rise even faster when we stay connected to our hearts and to each other.  All we need to do is to think and act with Empathy, Love and Compassion.  Imagine making every decision and choice with these three qualifiers.  Your vibration will soar and so will your happiness and health.

Lastly, I want to share a wonderful Buddhist quote:

“When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you RESPOND to what’s happening.  That is where your power is.”    

And so it is.  You are much loved and cherished.



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