When coming into this lifetime most people are born with karmic debts or patterns. Karma is ruled by the Universal Law of Cause and Effect and it applies to everyone. There is positive karma and then there is negative, anchoring karma that can block you from moving forward.

For example, if you hurt another or someone hurt you in a past lifetime or this one, it is a priority to clear the negative karma that was created. That is called “paying” a karmic debt. It’s about bringing experiences back into balance, freeing you from a karmic loop with that person so that you can continue to evolve your being.

Have you felt you had negative karma with someone? As if they had some inexplicable reason to keep showing up or to always act in a disruptive, manipulative way. Those connections can show up in many forms; a family member, a close personal relationship, an intimate relationship, or a workplace one.

Karmic patterns heal when balance is brought back into a relationship but what if someone decides to renege on clearing the karma? Instead, they intend for it to last forever, never releasing you. That is something else.

Learn how to Access Your Akashic Records to heal and clear Karmic Patterns. Program Details

Let’s talk about karma, the good, bad, and the ugly!  Catherine will share the different types of karma, how they can show up and what you can do about these potent relationships that can spiritually bind you.

In this second part of the Spiritual Contracts Series, let’s learn together how this amazing frequency we live in will allow us to clear some unique karmic conditions.

Freedom awaits.

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