Welcome to the world of Sound Reiki® vibrational healing.

Edgar Cayce, the Father of Holistic Medicine, said:

“Sound will be the medicine of the future.”

Well, the future is NOW and I am so excited to share with you a powerful NEW WAY to heal with sound and light energy.

My name is Catherine Varga and I am a vibrational sound healing expert, spiritual teacher, author, and creator of Sound Reiki.

Every living thing in the universe is in a constant state of vibration. Every part of you — your muscles, your bones, your organs, your body’s energetic field – EVERYTHING – has a vibrational frequency that creates your state of health and wellbeing.

Imagine aligning yourself instantly to:

  • ACTIVATE your internal GPS
  • EXPAND your intuitive abilities
  • CREATE CLARITY – allowing you to make better life choices
  • ATTRACT POSITIVE EXPERIENCES – improving relationships, wealth and career

“I'm in love with Sound Reiki! I'm able to balance my chakras and increase my vibration within minutes unlike when I use other energy healing modalities.”

Diane Pascos, Spiritual Life Coach and Sound Reiki Master

Move energy with your voice

  • Check your ENERGY LEVELS
  • DETECT AND REMOVE energy blocks

  • ALIGN AND BALANCE light energy

  • CLEAR ENERGY CORDS from people that are draining you


  • CLEAR AND BALANCE your chakras

  • GROUND your energy

“Deciding to learn Sound Reiki is the best thing I've ever done for myself!”

Cathy O’Donnell, Reiki Practitioner & Artist

Sound and Reiki

Being a Reiki Master and sound healer, I was blown away by the speed and effectiveness of combining Sound and Reiki. It was such a game-changer that I decided to center my entire energy healing practice around it.

The impact Sound Reiki had on me personally as I dealt with chronic pain and cancer was nothing short of remarkable.

“I believe every cell in my body vibrationally awoke the moment I heard Catherine’s voice. That moment changed me.”

Judith Robuliak, Visual Storyteller and Photographer, JLR Expressions

How does Sound Reiki work?

The Sound Reiki healing technology bridges Reiki and other ancient healing philosophies with advanced spiritual healing. It uses Sound and Light Codes which resonate to the same Divine Light Energy as Source, to heal blocks and release old patterns in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

We believe that sound is the fastest way to move healing energy and we use our voices to express the Sound and Light Codes of Sound Reiki healing energy. Sound Reiki balances and harmonizes your energy by increasing your light vibration and aligning it to the highest good of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

When you hear and feel Sound Reiki, your body, mind, and spirit respond by immediately releasing your blocks and aligning you to the highest frequency your bodies can use.

Your body will love the vibration of Sound Reiki!

A sense of wellbeing, lightness, calmness, and clarity takes place within seconds. The world looks brighter and feels lighter because you are vibrating to a new, higher vibration. This high vibration attracts positive energy in the form of positive experiences resulting in emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

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Sound Reiki is for you if this is your time to:

  • Take control of your energy, your health and the experiences you attract
  • Get to know yourself on a deeper level
  • Expand and evolve your intuitive powers
  • Move energy faster and at a deeper, quantum level for faster, more effective results with clients or self-healing

"Sound Reiki provided me with personal insight into matters, and learning to discover the intuitive side of myself helped me view my problems in a very crystal-clear way."

Jennifer Azzopardi

The Sound Reiki Online Program

Sound Reiki is a pioneering sound and light healing modality I created with my colleague Heather Hannan over ten years ago. We have been using it and sharing it every day since.

As certified traditional Reiki Masters, we sought a way to move energy faster and at a deeper, quantum level and we created it with Sound Reiki.

The foundation of Sound Reiki is based on a Divine sound and light healing system rooted in electro tonal frequencies using only your voice and no singing experience is required.

We have touched hundreds of people with this amazing technique, many of whom call it “life-changing”.

Our goal has always been to make this way of raising your vibration available to everyone and now we are happy to share it with the world.

The Sound Reiki Institute brings you the first online training program of its kind that teaches you a practical step-by-step approach to using your voice to move healing energy.

You will learn to use Sound Reiki to find your own answers, build trust in your intuition, and manifest your best life.

"I teach this program just like you are right in front of me." Catherine Varga

The Sound Reiki Level One Certification program is self-paced, so you can learn in your own home at your own speed.

Sound is a powerful modality to clear and balance the human energy field and chakras, connecting us deeply to our soul and spirit.

In each workshop you are introduced to the basics of energy healing using the sound of YOUR OWN SACRED VOICE.

Demonstrations will make the concepts come alive and you will feel the energy of sound as it transcends time and space.

If you have Reiki or energy healing experience, prepare to enhance it! If you are just starting, then get ready to advance your understanding of yourself and how to read your body in a new and unique way.

“I am a HUGE fan of Sound Reiki - it has been an incredible modality to learn and experience.”

Lee Currie, Clarity Coach + Desire Map Facilitator, Sound Reiki Master

What you are going to learn

  • How to create a Quantum Configuration Chamber of Light, your own protective energy shield, with Sound Reiki
  • How to Align and Balance your energy and the energy of your home
  • How to access your body’s ability to activate your Intuitive GPS instantly
  • About Cords of Attachment and how people tie themselves to you
  • How to de-cord yourself and remove a major drain on your energy and vibration
  • The importance of the Chakras with an introduction to the Ascension Chakras
  • The technique of how to balance and ground Chakras instantly


"Heather and Catherine have changed my life with Sound Reiki and I'm so thankful!" Désirée Key, Sound Reiki and Usui Reiki Master

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CHANGE Your Vibration – HEAL Your Life

Sound Reiki Institute

Catherine Varga and Heather Hannan, international Soul Healers, Ascension Masters, and Usui Reiki Masters are Founders of the Sound Reiki Institute and creators of Sound Reiki®. We are committed to teaching innovative, cutting edge techniques to guide you to increase your personal power and expand your intuitive abilities, promoting self-development and personal growth.

Catherine Varga is a gifted intuitive, Soul Healer, a vibrational sound healing expert and the inspiring author of The SoulChild Within. Wherever she goes, she sets the tone to the vibration of joy. Catherine is co-creator of Sound Reiki® Energy Healing, creator of the SoulChild® Alignment Method and a Founder of the Sound Reiki Institute. She is committed to your empowerment and positive life changes.

Catherine Varga


Heather Hannan is an Intuitive Soul Healer, TransformationALL Life Coach, a co-creator of Sound Reiki, Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor.

Heather Hannan


What Sound Reiki Graduates are saying

“Sound Reiki provided me with a new language and the tools of empowerment that I have the ability to access when needed.”

I was standing shoulder to shoulder with Catherine Varga when she sent forth a Sound Reiki healing. I believe every cell in my body vibrationally awoke in the moment her voice emerged. That moment changed me. I signed up for Sound Reiki lessons with Catherine and Heather. Could I learn the power of Sound Reiki? What would my voice sound like? Catherine and Heather provided the clear instruction and support that empowered me with a tool, a new way to explore my spirituality and healing. It came with ease under their instruction.

Judith Robuliak

Visual Storyteller & Photographer, JLR Expressions

“Deciding to learn Sound Reiki is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself!
It is awesome to have the many skills it has provided, and allow me to navigate thru life with all the answers available to me, whenever I need them. To guide and heal me, as well as others. 
It has given me the ability to see all the signs that were there, guiding me on the path I needed to take. It got me here, doing what I was meant to do. Knowing that gives such a sense of peace in my heart. The quantum leaps I’ve made are incredible and inspiring, building faith in myself and Source even stronger.

Cat O’Donnell

Reiki Practitioner & Artist, Wonky Frog Studio

I’m in love with Sound Reiki! I’m able to balance my chakras and increase my vibration within minutes opposed to when I use other energy healing modalities.

Diane Pascos

Soul Coach, DKP

“I took Sound Reiki because very challenging difficulties led me to continue seeking out new possibilities.  Sound Reiki provided me with personal insight into the matters and learning to discover the intuitive side of myself helped me view most of my problems in a very crystal-clear way. Catherine and Heather are highly intuitive and knowledgeable. Plus, they both have winning, beautiful personalities. If you are considering taking Sound Reiki don’t hesitate a moment go for it! It is a wonderful experience and you most probably will also find it a life-changing program!”

Jennifer Azzopardi

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