Have you ever heard of Ancestral Bloodline Contracts? These are negative agreements with low vibration energy that transfer through bloodlines. They affect several generations attracting a series of unfortunate events and experiences.
Over the past year, we have seen an upsurge in clients who were unknowingly born with these contracts that have deeply affected their lives. This upsurge is evidence that the vibrational frequency of our Consciousness as a Whole is getting higher and Lighter and these energies can no longer stay hidden.
Intrigued? So were we! With the ascending human consciousness, people don’t have to live with curses or ancestral bloodline issues. We’ve seen powerful transformations in the lives of those innocently affected when they are cleared.
We have worked with hundreds of clients in private sessions to clear these contracts using the healing energy of Sound Reiki® and we feel it is Divine Time to share this information with you. Watch the recording here:
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