The Lion’s Gate Portal opens August 8, 2021, in the Leo new moon, the perfect time to activate bold new intentions.
This planetary alignment ignites your courage to embrace your strength and independence with new confidence.
Join us on Friday, August 6th to activate the expansive frequency of 8:8 so that you are aligned to the Lion’s Gate Portal of accelerated transformation.
Get ready to:
  • Experience a Sound Reiki meditation to align to this powerful gateway to manifest your dreams with strength and courage.
  • Open the door to living life with enhanced enthusiasm, creativity, and passion.
  • Welcome each day knowing that change is constant and unpredictability is safe.
  • Embrace the power of your voice and your intentions.
  • Step into the increased Light energy that will be flowing to the planet.
Trust where your heart is leading you – you are ready to shine!
Led by Catherine Varga, vibrational sound healing expert, intuitive, inspiring teacher, life strategist, author, and Founder of Sound Reiki Institute. Teaching you how to set your tone to the vibration of joy.


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