With the impact of the coronavirus, the vibration of fear and uncertainty is prevalent all around the world. Schools, restaurants, retail, and public facilities are closing and many of us are finding ourselves spending more time in the sanctuary of our homes.

In times of uncertainty, it’s important we stay in a space of Love and Light which translates into Faith and Trust.  Each of us has a tremendous amount of healing energy with us that is connected to our Divine Consciousness. It’s never been more important to apply all of our spiritual principles and raise our vibrations individually and collectively.

To help you navigate this new path of the unknown, Heather and I created powerful live Sound Reiki Vibrational Healing Meditations to raise your vibration to Love and out of Fear.  Through the power of Sound and Light we send Love into the world and to the virus for healing.

You’ll find the recordings of these healing meditations in the Videos section of the Sound Reiki Institute Facebook Page

We invite you to watch the videos for Sound Reiki healing and Divine messages from Archangel Gabriel, the messages and healings are always relevant.  Together our Light energy is stronger. Love will pave the way so let’s travel inwards to receive the wisdom that will Light our path.  We are One.  We are Love.

Big Hugs

Catherine ✨✨✨Heather, Founders Sound Reiki Institute


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