With the intention of sending a loving frequency through the expression of our own healing voice, we have the power to raise the vibration of the earth and our hearts to a frequency where great things happen.

Whether love is celebrated in a personal relationship, the love of Self, the love of Source, or the love of Love, this is an opportunity, just with the sound of your voice, to amplify the Divine energy of Unconditional Love with ourselves, each other and our beloved Earth through the activation of sound and light healing codes.  We believe sound is the most powerful way of affecting energy and that songs of Love and Gratitude are healing. When we send them from open, loving hearts, with the intention of peace and harmony, we raise our vibration to manifest that intention multi-dimensionally. At the same time, we raise the human consciousness to resonate to a higher perspective of wholeness, harmony and compassion.

The following is an intention said out loud, with an open heart and mind.  This intent will align your electro tonal frequencies (your tones) with sound and light codes that raise the consciousness of our Earth Mother and our own ascending human consciousness.  We would like to share this intention and invite you to be inspired to sing the tones that come to you intuitively or sing the tone “AH” for two minutes after you state the intention. This will help raise the vibration of the peace grid and the Divine Matrix of Love and Light which we are all connected to.

Just sit comfortably, take a few deep, relaxing breaths and start to speak the intention out loud.  Really feel the words as you are speaking them.  Once you are finished close your eyes and with your palms facing upwards, sound out the tones you are intuitively feeling – this becomes the intention in song.  (Remember, there are no bad notes, everything you tone will be perfect.)

“It is my intent to connect with Divine Source and create a Circle of Love and Light around the Earth Mother and to connect to the Divine Peace Grid and the hearts of my earth brothers, sisters and all my relations.  I ask to align all to 100% Divine Love and Light and to join as one in wholeness, peace and harmony, creating a beacon of Light illuminating the path to joy and peace for all.  I give thanks and gratitude for my talents and gifts, the blessings of the Earth Mother and all she gives and the opportunity to be part of positive change now.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.”

Express the tones you are feeling naturally as a result of this intention being spoken out loud.  You can also just repeat the healing tone of “AH”, for two minutes.

After you are finished toning, keep your eyes closed and just sit in your inner silence, feel the vibration of the human consciousness, your connection to them all and the Earth Mother. Take a few deep breaths, give thanks and gratitude and remember the inspirational words of Gandhi.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”…………. Start now.

Blessings to all the brothers and sisters inspiring us to return to be One People, One Planet, One Love.


Catherine Varga                                                             Heather Hannan

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