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SoulChild Report

Would you like to know which years of your life are impacting your movement forward? I recently offered a SoulChild™ Audio Report in which I intuitively connect with your energy and reveal to you the areas that are holding you back right now. Well, due to the...
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SoulChild Magic – April 21

Are you ready to shine a light on the age you were when you developed a life-changing block in manifesting your dreams! Join Catherine Varga for the SoulChild Magic workshop and: Find out the most important area of your life for you to focus on right now Discover your...

Sound Reiki® Level I – Heal With the Sound of Your Voice

Have you ever sang in the shower? Hummed to yourself? The Sound Reiki Institute is presenting a Sound Reiki Level I certification program in two Tuesday evening workshops –  May 1 & May 8  6:30pm – 9:30pm, at the beautiful Joshua Creek Heritage Art...

Do You WAIT for Opportunity or Do You CREATE It?

When it comes to MANIFESTING your heart’s desires, do you wait for opportunity or do you create it? What you BELIEVE you can have has a big influence on what choices you make. Often, we don’t realize the greatest influence on our current choices is the PAST. Is your...

GOOD VIBES Sound Reiki Share

May 26, 2018  10am – Noon Ready to practice your SOUND REIKI techniques? Remove ENERGY CORDS. ALIGN AND BALANCE chakras. All SOUND REIKI Levels are welcome. Enjoy a safe and supportive environment to practice Sound Reiki. Receive a treatment from a fellow...

Sound Reiki FACEBOOK Group

The Sound Reiki Alumni Facebook group has been created for those who have been trained and initiated into the Sound Reiki® System of Vibrational Energy Healing. This is a space where we can connect, encourage and share in Divine Light and Love. Share your journey,...

In the Stars for April by Yahaira

The transiting Sun is moving through the passionate fire sign Aries; spring has begun for most of the northern hemisphere. This is a time of great energy bursting forward as nature wakes up to a new beginning at the start of the zodiac’s cycle. We may feel that the...

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